Theater works for schools

15 plays full of magic, puppets and humor to perform at school.


A clueless farmer lives on a magical farm with four adorable little animals.


Joy and excitement with a clown who has to do a magic show without being very skilled.


An educational show to encourage children to read and awaken a love of books.


A clown spreads happiness everywhere with his little circus full of bizarre characters.


We will walk around London and help the Queen of England recover her precious crown jewels.

It’s Magic!

The tricks of a magical clown leave children speechless and create a world of excitement and mystery.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Let's play spies on another planet while working on English vocabulary related to outer space.

Let’s Go to the Farm

A rabbit, a duck, a cow and a lamb keep playing tricks on a poor clown who lives in the country.

Missió Setciències

An exciting space adventure to learn interesting things about astronomy and the scientific method.


A cheerful and animated work for the little ones with puppets, mime, magic and small moments of tenderness.

Ruskus’ Little Train

A tender and funny story about a naughty locomotive, a musical puppet and a magical fairy.

The Great Circusman

The most famous characters in the circus world entertain the little ones thanks to a traveling artist.

The Headless Monster

A mad scientist creates a monster in the middle of a stormy night, but is thwarted by an evil witch.


Work on road safety education, citizenship, recycling and street accident prevention.

Trenet Xumet

A train, a clown and a puppet amuse the toddlers and at the same time reinforce fundamental habits from 0 to 3 years.