Prices and Availability

From here you can check out at the current availability, the educational activities prices, and the entertainment shows prices.

(Prices are valid only for performances in Catalonia.)

Current Availability

If you cannot view the calendar correctly please visit this link.

Educational Activities Prices

· Plays in English (schools)€395€2801
· Road Safety (local police departments)€645€3001
· Reading and Astronomy (schools)€395€2801
· Toddlers (daycare centers)€295€1901
· Storytime (public libraries)€295€2452

(The above are final prices, all-inclusive.)

  • Consecutive sessions for schools, daycare centers, and local police departments: must be done the same day. To calculate the total price you must add the cost of the first session and the cost of all subsequent performances. (E.g., two shows in English at a school on the same day would cost 395 + 280 = €675 all-inclusive.)
  • Consecutive sessions for public libraries: can be done on different days, but it is essential to reserve several sessions simultaneously. (E.g., if you book simultaneously two storytelling sessions for February and June, the first one will cost €295 and the second €245.)

Entertainment Shows Prices

· Entertainment Events€545
· Entertainment Events for Small Enterprises€395
· Family Shows€295
· Walk-Around€225 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

(VAT not included.)