Online Children’s Theater

Ruskus’ shows and workshops are now also available on video

What are online shows and workshops?

During the pandemic, innovative solutions were sought to continue working. This is how video sessions were born, in which the performance is not performed live, but is pre-recorded according to the needs of each client.

Online sessions have a smaller format than live performances, as they are recorded with a fixed camera and a single shot. Of course, with the same humor and love as always.

Video performances have many possibilities: they are used not only for shows, but also for workshops, presentations, advertising and much more.

The digital format is so versatile that it can be adapted to quite different projects. For example, here you can see a one-hour session of the virtual story.

Theater plays available online

There are 12 works that can be made on video: six in Catalan and six more in English. Take a look!

Online theater in Catalan

En Ruskus amb un titella de mà


A crazy story about the adventure of reading.

En Pipo i en Ruskus al Missió Setciències

Missió Setciències

Seeking aliens throughout the solar system.

Un conill vol pispar pastanagues a l'obra Animalets


Sensory play with a rabbit, a lamb, a duck and a crazy hen.

En Ruskus fa màgia amb un mocador vermell


A clumsy clown tries to do some magic.

Escena de l'obra Cirkruskus


A small circus with some bizarre artists.

Representació de Petitruskus


A toddler’s first glance at performing arts.

Online theater in English

Ruskus i la seva maleta màgica a les hores del conte en anglès

It’s Magic!

A mysterious suitcase opens the gate of a magical world.

El pallasso Ruskus ensenya la silueta de la vaca màgica a Let's Go to the Farm

Let’s Go to the Farm

Living on a magical farm with a funny farmer.

Ruskus amb la bandera britànica a l'hora del conte en anglès


Walking London and the history of England.

Ruskus Patruskus volant amb una capa anglesa a una hora del conte en anglès amb The Great Circusman

The Great Circusman

A street artist and his astounding performance.

Boles lluminoses representen estrelles a l'hora del conte It's Not Rocket Science

It’s Not Rocket Science

Enjoying science and playing spies on another planet.

Hora del conte amb The Headless Monster

The Headless Monster

A mad scientist creates a monster on a stormy night.

Thank you very much! It was a beautiful session, very special as you said and dedicated to the children of Sils. Thank you so much for the love you put into it!

– Paula O., Biblioteca Jaume Marquès i Casanovas (Sils)