Terms of Service


If you decide to hire me, implicitly you agree to my Terms of Service.

Therefore, before you contract me, please read this document carefully. I hope that is all right with you.

However, if there is any point that you do not agree or want to clarify, I will be glad to talk about it.


Leo Kálnay (from now on Leo), and the person or entity that hires his professional services (from now on the Customer) agree to meet the following terms and conditions.


1. Quality of the Show

Leo will take care of all details necessary to deliver a high-quality performance, and he will do his best to achieve the Customer satisfaction.

In particular, Leo agrees to

  • reserve the date and time agreed upon;
  • keep unchanged the price and conditions;
  • get to the venue early enough to prepare the performance;
  • carry everything needed to perform (this may include a sound system but in any case lighting equipment nor platform);
  • provide in advance complete show information to the Costumer, and perform the show with its promised duration and features; and
  • ensure that all his props are in optimal conditions.

On the other hand, the Customer agrees to

  • ensure that someone is waiting for Leo at the agreed time and place. Likewise, that person must know how to meet the requirements to develop the performance (e.g., opening up the theater, turning on lighting, setting up a dressing room, etc.);
  • ensure that Leo’s stage name Ruskus Patruskus, as well as the show’s name and everything related to its image (photographs, synopsis, etc.), is stated correctly in programs, posters, on the Internet, etc.;
  • take care that all the information that Leo gets is complete and accurate; in particular, which concerns to
    • the address of the venue,
    • the starting time of the show,
    • phone numbers,
    • contact person’s name,
    • number of children and ages, and
    • stage’s characteristics.


2. Price and Payment

The cost of the service is calculated according to the price list in effect at the time of booking. The agreed price will remain unchanged regardless any subsequent changes in the price list.

Once made the booking, Leo will send the Customer a confirmation email specifying the price and booking details.

To complete the reservation, it is essential that the Customer gives the nod to the confirmation email.

Payment should be made preferably the day of the performance. When this is not possible, payment must be made on the immediate subsequent days via bank transfer.


3. Additional Conditions for Educational Centers

Schools and nursery schools that make a reservation during September to December must pay a 30% deposit of the total amount within 15 days from the date of booking.

The confirmation email will state the account number and all indications to make the transfer. Leo will email the Customer to confirm the reception of the deposit.

The deposit is not returned in any case.


4. Date Change

If the agreed date should be changed due to force majeure events, the customer will have the option to choose a new date among the remaining available.

It is essential that the date change is requested well in advance.


5. Cancellation Due to Force Majeure Events

When it comes to outdoor performances, it the Customers’ responsibility to provide an alternative sheltered place that would enable the show in case of rain.

When this is not so (either by lack of foresight or because it was not possible to set up an alternative place), if the performance is canceled because of rain or any other force majeure event, the Customer shall pay

  • half the agreed price if the performance is canceled before the setting up process, or
  • the total agreed price if the performance is canceled once started the setting up process or during the show.


6. Duration of this Agreement

Leo reserves the right to change the Terms of Service without notice.

However, Leo agrees to meet all commitments stated in the Terms of Service at the time of booking.

Last updated on August 30, 2017