Bonus for Schools

Three exceptional measures for the benefit of schools during the pandemic

Dibuix del coronavirus

1. Additional sessions at no cost

In the event that the session is held for a single bubble group (up to 20-25 students), an additional session may be requested for another bubble group at no additional cost.

In this way, if the school books one session, two can be done for the same price; If you hire two sessions, you can do four; etc.

Free sessions have three conditions. (1) This bonus does not apply when sessions are made for two or more bubble groups simultaneously. In this case, consecutive sessions are charged at the usual price. (2) The additional free session must be done on the same day as the paid session that precedes it. (3) The work of the free session must be the same as that of the paid session that precedes it.

2. 10% off

School activities have a 10% discount on the usual price, as long as they are carried out during the first quarter of the course.

This discount does not apply to ZERs or schools of maximum complexity, since the price for these centers is already reduced.

3. Student safety

  • At all times, a minimum distance of 1.5 m from the students will be maintained.
  • Activities in English will be carried out without the direct participation of the students on stage. In return, indirect participation of the students will be promoted.
  • If the school considers it convenient, the sessions can be done with a mask. (It is the responsibility of the center to clearly specify this point at the time of booking.)