Trenet Xumet


A Show for Day Care Centers


The show Trenet Xumet
Ruskus and his magic tank engine.

Trenet Xumet is a children’s show created specifically for the 0-3 year-olds.

In this play, all the details have been carefully selected to achieve an atmosphere where the children feel calm and relaxed.

Indeed, all elements of Trenet Xumet are familiar to children under the age of three; the music is soft, and everything else is appropriate to their age.

Ruskus Patruskus begins the performance little by little, stringing music, magic, clowning, and puppetry progressively until the small ones feel confident and calm.

In addition to providing entertainment, Trenet Xumet is also an educational show that encourages good habits for toddlers.

Ruskus and his puppet friend
The puppet loves to play the xylophone.

For instance,

  • sharing toys,
  • not hitting other kids,
  • tidying up after playing,
  • giving up the pacifier, and
  • using the calm-down corner.

The plot of Trenet Xumet is about a friendly tank engine that becomes various things during the performance.

In this way, the boiler becomes a chair from which Ruskus keeps falling off; the fireplace turns into a magic tube that produces colorful magic handkerchiefs; and the whole locomotive transforms into a puppet theater where a cute puppet plays the xylophone and makes soap bubbles.

An important detail: the show can be done both indoors and outdoors.


Fact Sheet and Sample Video

  • Show’s title: Trenet Xumet.
  • Author and performer: Ruskus Patruskus.
  • Play’s genre and subject: toddlers’ show on trains, puppets, habits, and behavior.
  • Language: visual and gestural performance with a few words in Catalan.
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Age range: 0-3 years.
  • Performing space: any place with a minimum surface area of 3 x 4 m, preferably on smooth ground.
  • Sound and equipment: a 20 W battery-powered amplifier is included. There is no need of microphone, neither platform nor special lighting. In performances with 100 children or more, a 250 W PA system with wireless microphone is provided.
  • Set up and strike time: set up 45 min, strike 25 min. (Performances with PA system: set up 1 h, strike 35 min).

SCHOOLS: additional sessions at no cost for bubble groups + 10% off the 1st quarter