A Visit to the Magic Farm


A lovely bunny
Watch out! The bunny wants to eat all the carrots.

Animalets is a visual show for children aged 0-3 years.

Ruskus Patruskus plays the role of an absent-minded farmer, but the real stars of the show are the small animals that live on this magic farm.

Indeed, each creature has a feature that makes it unique. The duck, for example, is very curious; it shyly approaches to the kids to greet them, which they enjoy very much.

The rabbit, on the other hand, is hungry: it is itching for a chance to eat the carrots that Ruskus cultivates with so much effort. But the rabbit is also a very affectionate one, and very soon it becomes friends with Ruskus and the children.

The bunny greets the children
The animals of this farm are charming.

However, an unforeseen problem arises: the cow runs away from the farm. Happily enough, with a little magic, it comes back again. The kids learn how to milk a cow, and even how to do magic with the milk!

Last but not least, they also have time to work the land: plowing, seeding, and watering, and finally gathering the crop.

The show Animalets includes live and recorded music.


Fact Sheet

Let's Go to the Farm

  • Show’s title: Animalets.
  • Author and performer: Ruskus Patruskus.
  • Play’s genre and subject: toddlers’ show on farm animals.
  • Language: visual and gestural performance with a few words in Catalan.
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Age range: 0-3 years.
  • Performing space: any place with a minimum surface area of 3 x 4 m.
  • Sound and equipment: a 20 W battery-powered amplifier is included. There is no need of microphone, neither platform nor special lighting. In performances with 100 children or more, a 250 W PA system with wireless microphone is provided.
  • Set up and strike time: set up 45 min, strike 25 min. (Performances with PA system: set up 1 h, strike 35 min).

SCHOOLS: additional sessions at no cost for bubble groups + 10% off the 1st quarter