Theater for Toddlers

Each of these works has been created especially for children from zero to three years old. They combine the humor of the clown with puppets, magic and music to achieve a rewarding and enriching experience for the little ones.


Ruskus Patruskus’ theater for toddlers

bib pe - Ruskus Patruskus


A clown gets entangled with magic spells and ends up discovering the secret to making others happy.

- Ruskus Patruskus

Trenet Xumet

In this play, puppets, music and theater are combined around the story of a clown and a small locomotive.

Escena de Animalets


A farmer lives on a magical farm with some very peculiar animals that do not stop doing mischief.

El Trenet Xumet, teatre per a infants de zero a tres anys i espectacles de llars d'infants

Ideal toddler shows for nurseries

Suitable for children under three years
The shows have been specially conceived for the age range from zero to three years. From the choice of music to the gestures, all the details have been studied so that they are attractive to the little ones and predispose them to enjoy the show.

Duration and rhythm
The three shows last 30 minutes, the optimal time for children to enjoy the show without getting tired. The works begin with a leisurely rhythm that progressively increases; thus, the little ones gain confidence and remain relaxed throughout the performance.

Educational content
In addition to entertaining, in each play pedagogical content is worked on that reinforces the teachings imparted by the nursery: the formation of habits in Trenet Xumet, the management of emotions in Animalets and the performing arts in Petitruskus.


Very visual language with few dialogues

The main difficulty of doing theater for toddlers is that their perception of the world is still developing and, therefore, the way they react to a theatrical activity is very different from that of children. older children.

For this reason, regular children’s shows often don’t work well with children this young. Even the simplest plot lines – like those of a puppet show – can be incomprehensible to them.

When it comes to theater for toddlers, the works that work best are those that are based on visual language rather than dialogue, and that are built on very clear stage actions. It is not necessary that these actions follow a logical plot line, but it is essential that they be interesting, sensory and related to things that are familiar to the little ones.

Magic, puppets, music and the art of clowning are excellent tools to create attractive stage actions, and that is why they are present in all these works.

Shows that delight young and old

More than 100 reviews with 5 stars

I think it’s ideal for the little ones, and you just need to hear their laughter, very good!

– Ester N., Llar d’Infants de la Riba (la Riba)

The show was entertaining for the children, who laughed a lot. The duration time was quite adequate so that the children did not get tired. Recommendable!

– Olga P., Escola Bressol Municipal Colors (Castellbell i el Vilar)

We liked it because we really saw the children laughing and having a great time, and that’s the most important thing.

– Anna M., Escola Bressol Ballmanetes (l’Escala)

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