Ruskus Patruskus performing in a nursery
The key to success is taking the time to gain toddlers’ trust in a quiet way.

0-3 year-olds are a world apart, as their needs are very different to those of older children.

For this reason, children of this age will react much better if the show is suited to their little world.

Shows for toddlers should include tenderness and have a leisurely pace. They also must be enjoyable and easy to understand.

Here you will find three shows specially created for daycare centers. In these performances, gestures are far more important than spoken words. All shows combine clowning with puppetry, magic, and music.

Shows for ages 0-3 years

  • Trenet Xumet. The adventures of a small locomotive and a mischievous puppet.
  • Animalets. The life on a magical farm with lovely animals.
  • Petitruskus. A clueless clown finds a suitcase plenty of magic and surprises.

As a rule, feedbacks are enthusiastic about the shows. Some city councils even schedulle performances yearly for all town’s daycare centers!

“We liked your performance very much, and we think it’s well suited to the age of the children.”

Llar d’infants La Baldufa (Taradell)

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