Theater Plays in English

English-language shows for kindergartens and elementary schools

The primary objective of Ruskus’ theater plays in English is that all students can understand them, enjoy them and take benefit of them equally, either they have an excellent level of English, or they are working hard to improve it.

To achieve this understanding, during the performance words are linked to specific physical actions, so the gesture helps the understanding of language.

However, the distinctive feature of these shows in English is that, in addition to music and theater, they also include three performing arts:


Magic tricks specially adapted for each show.


Hand puppets and ventriloquist dolls to represent some of the characters.


The art of clowning bring humor and joy to the theatrical performance.

The delicious combination of clowning, magic and puppetry is one of the things that children love the most and English teachers use to recall in their assessments.

Check out the available shows: there are three beginners level plays for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade, and four more advanced shows for 3rd to 6th grade.

Theater in English for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade

Performances in English lasting 35 minutes, introductory level

Scene from the English show
Having fun with the animals of the farm.
Màgia i clown per aprendre anglès a l'escola amb l'obra de teatre
A clown wants to do magic, every man for himself!
Espectacle en anglès
The adventures of a puppet, a clown, and a funny little train

Performances in English for 3rd to 6th grade

Plays in English lasting 45 minutes for older children, intermediate level.

A scene from the show
Mystery and humor of reading in English
The English play The Great Circusman
A traveling artist in Covent Garden
Espectacle en anglès
A fantastic adventure in outer space
Teatre en anglès amb l'obra
A fun trip through central London


PROFESSIONALISM. Ruskus has been involved in it for 18 years, and has performed more than 2,500 performances as a show and teaching professional. His plays are included in the Catàleg Escènics (Diputació de Girona).

SUPPORT. All of Ruskus Patruskus’s English theater plays are accompanied by a teaching guide full of fun exercises to reinforce everything you learn during the show.

SAVE. Significant savings are achieved if multiple sessions are scheduled for the same day, as successive functions have a good discount (even if they are different works).

YOU DON’T HAVE TO MOVE. It is not necessary to move students to a theater, as these shows in English can be performed at school in any available space.

Theater plays in Englsih with magic, clowning and puppetry
"The first and second graders were delighted, they really enjoyed it and really enjoyed the magic. I look forward to seeing you next year! Thanks for everything!"
Melania Miguel
Escola Menéndez Pidal
"Excellent! Excellent English language diction, fun and age-appropriate. Super recommendable!"
Escola El Far
"Great, the kids at school had a great time and laughed a lot with Ruskus. Plus, they were able to interact with him and take part in the whole show."
Escola Norai