Ruskus Patruskus' storytimes
A special storytime with magic, puppets, and a fantastic tale!

When the little ones arrive at the library, they have a pleasant surprise: they discover that this story is different from the rest.

They not just hear a story: they also enjoy the charm of a full live show!

Indeed, Ruskus’ storytimes include costumes, music, magic, puppets, and lots of laughs.

Equally important, children participate directly in the storytime, masquerading and interpreting some of the funniest characters.

There are three kinds of storytimes:

Storytimes in Catalan


The love of books and reading. [Read More]


Prevention, road safety education, and civics. [Read More]


Missió Setciències

The planets and the scientific method. [Read More]


A magic clown gets in trouble. [Read More]


Some of the most famous circus characters. [Read More]

Storytimes in English

A scene of The Headless Monster

The Headless Monster

The magic of reading in English. [Read More]

Teatre en anglès amb l'obra "Clowning"


Tales and legends about London and English customs. [Read More]

Un titella de mà en una actuació infantil a una llar d'infants

Ruskus' Little Train

The adventures of a small locomotive. [Read More]

It's Magic!

Magic helps us to learn English. [Read More]

Let's Go to the Farm

The animals of the farm go on the attack! [Read More]

It's not Rocket Science

Ruskus is looking for aliens in outer space. [Read More]

The Great Circusman

The life of a street performer in London's Covent Garden Market. [Read More]

Storytimes for toddlers

Espectacle en anglès "Ruskus' Little Train" per als cicles infantil i inicial

Trenet Xumet

A small locomotive and a very mischievous puppet. [Read More]

Animalets de la granja


A visit to the magical farm. [Read More]


Clowning and magic for the little ones. [Read More]

Please note that…

  • If you book more than one show you can benefit from a special price. Check out the price list!
  • Some of these shows are available on the Escènics online catalog from Diputació de Girona.

SCHOOLS: additional sessions at no cost for bubble groups + 10% off the 1st quarter