A Very Special Storytime

Clown, magic and puppets at the library

The little ones in the library will have a wonderful surprise since they will not only listen to stories but enjoy the charm of storytimes with magic, puppets and a lot of humor. In addition, children will participate directly by interpreting some of the funniest characters.

There are three types of storytimes: in Catalan, in English and for the 0-3 year-olds.

Storytimes in Catalan

En Ruskus amb un titella de mà


A crazy story about the adventure of reading.

En Pipo i en Ruskus al Missió Setciències

Missió Setciències

Seeking aliens throughout the solar system.

Escena de Traspatràs


Citizenship, recycling and accident prevention.

En Ruskus fa màgia amb un mocador vermell


A clumsy clown tries to do some magic.

Escena de l'obra Cirkruskus


A small circus with some bizarre artists.

Storytimes in English

Ruskus damunt el tren a Ruskus' Little Train

Ruskus’ Little Train

A train, a clown and a puppet mess it all up.

Ruskus i la seva maleta màgica a les hores del conte en anglès

It’s Magic!

A mysterious suitcase opens the gate of a magical world.

El pallasso Ruskus ensenya la silueta de la vaca màgica a Let's Go to the Farm

Let’s Go to the Farm

Living on a magical farm with a funny farmer.

Ruskus amb la bandera britànica a l'hora del conte en anglès


Walking London and the history of England.

Ruskus Patruskus volant amb una capa anglesa a una hora del conte en anglès amb The Great Circusman

The Great Circusman

A street artist and his astounding performance.

Boles lluminoses representen estrelles a l'hora del conte It's Not Rocket Science

It’s Not Rocket Science

Enjoying science and playing spies on another planet.

Hora del conte amb The Headless Monster

The Headless Monster

A mad scientist creates a monster on a stormy night.

Storytimes for toddlers

Trenet Xumet per a nens de zero a tres anys

Trenet Xumet

Let’s strengthen some good habits for toddlers.

Representació de Petitruskus


A toddler’s first glance at performing arts.

Un conill vol pispar pastanagues a l'obra Animalets


Sensory play with a rabbit, a lamb, a duck and a crazy hen.

Three key aspects

It will always be more convenient for you to book a pack of several sessions than an individual session.

You can also find all these storytimes on the Catàleg Escènics website.

Ruskus’ storytimes are 100% professional and are available to all libraries in Catalonia and Andorra.

The kids have had a great time, and I haven’t heard so much laughter in the library since a long time ago. It suited us a lot.

– Laura C., Biblioteca d’en Massagran (Salt)

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