Road Safety

The rules of road education are very simple and, nevertheless, they are of vital importance. A gesture as simple as fastening the belt can mean the difference between life and death.

It is essential to teach these rules to children from very young, so that they become natural habits and avoid accidents.

Humor is a great help to deal with important issues with children, as it makes the mind enter into a positive mood that is predisposed to create and learn. Instead, negative feelings such as fear and worry close the mind and hinder learning.

The road safety education show Traspatràs
Wearing the helmet for biking: simple and vital.

This is why a specialist in children’s humor as the clown Ruskus Patruskus is dedicated to teaching road safety education for children transforming into the ineffable Professor Patruskus.

This teacher makes many nonsense, wears a red nose, great clown shoes and has an obsession: to teach children how to prevent accidents now and when they grow up.

For this, Professor Patruskus will not use neither books nor PowerPoint presentations, but three tools much more effective with children: magic, puppets, and theater.

Ruskus Patruskus’ Road Safety Show

images - Ruskus Patruskus


What topics are treated? The importance of the helmet, the seatbelt and how to cross the street with security, among others. [Read more]

A Performance of Traspatràs

Since its premiere in 2003 at the Conference on Road Safety in Pineda de Mar, the show Traspatràs is highly appreciated by the road safety education community in Catalonia.

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