Road Safety

The road safety education show Traspatràs
Wearing the helmet for biking: simple and vital.

Ruskus Patruskus’ road safety shows have the aim of collaborating with local police in the dissemination of basic accident prevention rules.

All items are part of the syllabus that Road Safety Officers taught in class, with particular emphasis on civics.

There are two shows available:

Traspatràs. The importance of helmets, why should we fasten the seat belts, how to cross the street safely, etc.

Traspatràs 2. Speed limits, safe following distance, safety rules during leisure time, and more.

Ruskus Patruskus' Road Safety Shows

A Performance of Traspatràs

Since its premiere in 2003 at the Conference on Road Safety in Pineda de Mar, the shows Traspatràs and Traspatràs 2 are highly appreciated by the road safety education community in Catalonia.