Reading and Astronomy

Arts and Sciences: Two Key Learning Areas


Performances on reading and the scientific method
Two educational shows which are perfect for the classroom!

When it comes to children, arts, imagination, and creativity are essential educational areas.

However, equally important are mathematics, logic, and analytical reasoning.

It is all about the old duality of arts and sciences; both are essential and complementary.

Here you are two amazing shows that deal with reading and astronomy:

  • Bibliòfilus is about literacy: stories, thrillers, imagination, and books. In short, the love for reading.
  • Missió Setciències, on the other hand, belongs to the world of science: the scientific method, planets, space, and galaxy. The kingdom of reason!

“A stimulating activity, carried out by a great professional. Behind it all you can guess a great preparation.”

1st and 2nd-grade teachers. Escola Pia (Calella)

  • Both plays are performed in Catalan.
  • It is not necessary to move the students to a theater, as both shows are perfect for performances in the school.
  • The shows Missió Setciències and Bibliòfilus are suitable for the little ones of kindergarten (35 min version), as well as for 1st to 6th-grade students (45 min version).