Ruskus’ Little Train


Fun with a Crazy Train!


The steam engine of the show Ruskus' Little Train
A little engine teaches English to the little ones.

The main elements of Ruskus’ Little Train are music, magic, puppets, and comedy.

The objective of this play is to introduce English, smoothly and progressively, to kindergarten children (levels P3, P4, and P5), as well as 1st and 2nd-grade students.

The words are always reinforced by specific visual actions to ensure an easy understanding of the show.

For example, Ruskus Patruskus says “green” to get a green handkerchief, “in” when he saves the toys inside the box, “out” when taken out, etc.

Everything has been carefully arranged to achieve an environment where children feel calm, relaxed and can enjoy the performance.

A scene of the play Ruskus' Little Train
Words accompany specific visual actions.

Little children love trains! This is why the main theme of Ruskus’ Little Train is a friendly locomotive that transforms into various scenic elements. For instance,

  • the boiler becomes a chair that will bring down Ruskus every time he sits down;
  • the fireplace turns into a magic pipe from where endless colorful hankies appear to the beat of music; and
  • the engine itself becomes a puppet theater where a lovely puppet plays xylophone and upset Ruskus.

As a farewell, at the end of the show, Ruskus Patruskus makes nice soap bubbles among the children.


Fact Sheet and Sample Video

  • Show’s title: Ruskus’ Little Train.
  • Author and performer: Ruskus Patruskus.
  • Play’s genre and subject: children’s show on trains.
  • Language: totally in English. It includes a teacher’s guide.
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Age range: kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd-grade.
  • Performing space: any place with a minimum surface area of 3 x 4 m, preferably on smooth ground.
  • Sound and equipment: a 20 W battery-powered amplifier is included. There is no need of microphone, neither platform nor special lighting. In performances with 80 children or more, a 250 W PA system with wireless microphone is provided.
  • Set up and strike time: set up 45 min, strike 25 min. (Performances with PA system: set up 1 h, strike 35 min).