A Journey into the Heart of London


Ruskus Patruskus and Pispatutto
Adventures and misadventures of a clown and a puppet in London.

Clowning! is a show created with the idea of awakening in elementary school students an intuitive grasp of English.

The plot is amusing: we all travel to London to try to catch Pispatutto—a funny wizard—who drives Scotland Yard crazy with his incredible magical powers!

In the capital of England, we live great experiences and make a wild journey through some of the city’s landmarks.

Ruskus and the students play some of the most typical English characters, as a London bobby or even the Queen of England!

A scene of Clowning
Having fun at the Tower of London with a Beefeater, a ghost, and the Queen of England.

In addition to encouraging students to learn English, children also learn about famous places in London and the lifestyle of Londoners.

Indeed, we take an afternoon tea, enjoy the myths of the Tower of London, go to Regent’s Park Zoo, get on a double-decker bus, and visit the famous London Eye.

There are also references to various aspects of British culture, e.g. what countries make up the UK, the meaning of the Union Jack, and the legend of King Arthur.


Fact Sheet and Sample Video

  • Show’s title: Clowning.
  • Author and performer: Ruskus Patruskus.
  • Play’s genre and subject: children’s show on London and British culture.
  • Language: 95% in English and 5% in Catalan. It includes a teacher’s guide.
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Age range: 3rd to 6th-grade.
  • Performing space: any place with a minimum surface area of 3 x 4 m.
  • Sound and equipment: a 20 W battery-powered amplifier is included. There is no need of microphone, neither platform nor special lighting. In performances with 80 children or more, a 250 W PA system with wireless microphone is provided.
  • Set up and strike time: set up 45 min, strike 25 min. (Performances with PA system: set up 1 h, strike 35 min).

Additional sessions at no cost for bubble groups