Plays in English

The primary objective of Ruskus’ shows in English is that all students can understand them, enjoy them and take benefit of them equally, either they have an excellent level of English, or they are working hard to improve it.

To achieve this understanding, during the performance words are linked to specific physical actions, so the gesture helps the understanding of language.

However, the distinctive feature of these shows in English is that, in addition to music and theater, they always include other performing disciplines:

Ruskus' shows in English
Clown, magic and puppets to learn English!
  • Magic tricks specially adapted for each show.
  • Hand puppets and ventriloquist dolls to represent some of the characters.
  • Clown and histrionics, which add humor and joy to the performance.

The delicious combination of clowning, magic and puppetry is one of the things that children love the most and English teachers use to recall in their assessments.

Check out the available shows: there are three beginners level plays for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd-grade, and three more advanced shows for 3rd to 6th-grade.

Shows in English for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade

Performances in English lasting 35 minutes, introductory level.

Performances in English for 3rd to 6th grade

Plays in English lasting 45 minutes for older children, intermediate level.

  • SAVING. If you compare the different options of the price list, you will notice that you can get significant savings by booking several sessions on the same day. Indeed, successive functions have a good discount, even in the case of different shows.
  • SIMPLICITY. Despite that all plays are complete from an artistic point of view (with sets, costumes, music, etc.), performances are technically very simple. Thanks to this, you do not need going with your students to a theater, because all performances take place at school.