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There are times when you want to liven up an event to cheer up people. For example, trade shows, commercial events, commemorative days, business anniversaries and a thousand other things.

Itineràntic is the perfect solution for these situations: an itinerant show that can be adapted to any length of time and to all kinds of places.

Itinerant entertainment relies on improvisation. Ruskus uses all his skills to entertain children: from clown gags to magic and ventriloquism; from balloon twisting to mime and juggling.

The performance takes place mingled among the crowd. Now and then, Ruskus changes the location and style of the performance. For example, he may perform a clown sketch for five minutes, followed by ten minutes of close-up magic a few meters away.

In short, Itineràntic is an ephemeral and ever-changing performance based on improvisation and proximity. Traveling entertainment can be adapted to any event with children in attendance.

Animació itinerant a una biblioteca
Ruskus tocant la concertina
Una funció a l'aire lliure
itinerant - Ruskus Patruskus
cirkruskusfestes - Ruskus Patruskus
Arzabastayan a l’aire lliure
La participació, un element fonamental
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Arzabastayan a l'aire lliure
La participació, un element fonamental
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Itinerant entertainment highlights and livens up any event

Entertaining people on the street was a medieval craft performed by minstrels. 21st-century itinerant entertainment gets nourished by this ancient tradition.

Like old minstrels, when performing Itineràntic Ruskus fills his big suitcase with all sorts of props, and uses improvisation and ingenuity to entertain people.

This traveling show uses a large variety of resources such as hand puppets and ventriloquist dolls, juggling and balancing objects, legerdemain and magic, histrionics and clowning, mime, funny props and balloon twisting.

Please note that Itineràntic does not include music, nor any musical entertainment.

If you want a children’s stage show to liven up an event, please check out Cirkruskus and Arzabastayan.

Fact sheet and video


AGE RANGE: 3 to 12 years old

SUBJECT: itinerant entertainment

DURATION: from two hours on up

PERFORMANCE AREA: any indoor or outdoor area

EQUIPMENT: no sound equipment included; there is no need for neither platform nor special lighting

SET UP: 45-60 min; strike 25-35 min

Both the “character” and the performance successfully met the expected goal.

Isaac B., Biblioteca del Nord (Sabadell)

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