Ruskus Patruskus’ Walk-Around


Walk-arounds to boost local trade
Itineràntic usually attracts many children.

Some events need entertainment to bring a festive atmosphere and, at the same time, attract people. For such situations, Itineràntic is the perfect solution.

It is the case of events at fairs, malls, and markets.

Itineràntic consists in gags, magic tricks, balloon figures, and a thousand other fun things that Ruskus performs mingling with the crowd and constantly changing the performing place.

Indeed, the charm of Itineràntic is that it is ephemeral and evolving. A five-minute clowning act may continue with seven minutes of magic in a different spot.


Walk-Arounds: An Excellent Way to Boost Trade


Entertaining people on streets was a medieval trade made by jugglers, acrobats, and puppeteers. Contemporary walk-arounds draw on this ancient tradition.

When performing Itineràntic, Ruskus fills his large suitcase with all kinds of props and, just like a medieval jongleur, he uses improvisation and wit to entertain people. Among the resources he uses there are:

Mingling with the crowd in a walk-around
Improvisation is an essential compound of Itineràntic.
  • hand puppets and ventriloquist dolls;
  • juggling and balancing objects;
  • live music with concertina and percussion;
  • illusionism and prestidigitation using balls, ropes, cards;
  • clowning with gags, mime, somersaults;
  • clown props like giant combs, strongman weights, rubber hammers;
  • balloon twisting, i.e., the art of making balloon figures as giveaways for the children.

In short, Itineràntic will add color and joy to your event and will be long remembered by customers and passers-by.

  • The price of Itineràntic is calculated on a per hour basis.
  • If you prefer a more static show, please take a look at Cirkruskus. It is a very suitable play for outdoor performances.

SCHOOLS: additional sessions at no cost for bubble groups + 10% off the 1st quarter