Magic Family Show

Birthday and communion parties


The Magic Family Show is hilarious, crazy, and spontaneous. It is a play that combines the fun of clowning with the mystery of magic and the charm of puppets. It is a perfect children’s entertainment show for birthday parties and communions.

All the kids are actively involved in the show. However, the main protagonist is the child celebrating his party, which enjoys a unique number just for him.

This children’s show is suitable for a private house, a restaurant, a park, a party room, or any other available space. The show is full of surprises that children love, such as:

  • a raccoon puppet who likes tickles
  • colorful and funny magic with silks and music
  • crazy jokes with a rubber chicken
  • a mysterious egg that vanishes and reappears again and again

The Magic Family Show is perfect for children ages three to ten. (For the older ones, the Circus Family Show may be a better option.)

20080212 111505 e1439381489445 - Ruskus Patruskus
Ruskus actuant amb un nen
Animación familiar para una fiesta de cumpleaños
Nen vestit de clown
Espectaculo de cumpleaños
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Nen vestit de clown
Espectaculo de cumpleaños
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Fact sheet and video


AGE RANGE: 3 to 10 years old

SUBJECT: magic and clowning for birthday parties and communions

DURATION: 45 min

PERFORMANCE AREA: any indoor or outdoor area

EQUIPMENT: sound system is provided; there is no need for neither platform nor special lighting

SET UP: 30-45 min; strike 15-25 min

Very suitable for children and able to connect with the character. Ruskus Patruskus caught the attention of all the boys and girls at the party. A success!

Laura J. (Cabrils)

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