A clown wants to do magic


Arzabastayan the Magician asks Ruskus Patruskus for a great favor: to replace him in today’s magic show. To this end, the wizard leaves him his suitcase full of tricks, a top hat, a magic wand, and a cute raccoon to help Ruskus with the magic.

Ruskus is enthusiastic and well-intentioned, but alas, the poor man doesn’t know a word of magic, and it doesn’t take long for him to mess with the magic words.

From then on, helter-skelter magic happens everywhere: the suitcase comes to life, handkerchiefs change color, wands become weird things, objects vanish and a thousand more magical disasters.

Thus, during 45 minutes, Ruskus Patruskus becomes the craziest of wizard apprentices.

Combining sharpness with innocence, physical comedy with verbal humor, and dynamic rhythm with moments of tenderness, Arzabastayan is a perfect synthesis of magic and clowning.

Imagen de It's Magic!
Arzabastayan a un centre comercial
Ruskus actuant amb un nen
Ruskus tocant la concertina
It’s Magic!
Actuació a centre comercial
Nen vestit de clown
Arzabastayan a l’aire lliure
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It's Magic!
Actuació a centre comercial
Nen vestit de clown
Arzabastayan a l'aire lliure
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Fact sheet and video


AGE RANGE: 4 to 11 years old

SUBJECT: a clown plays a magician

DURATION: 45 min

PERFORMANCE AREA: minimum dimensions 4 x 3 m

EQUIPMENT: sound system is provided; there is no need for neither platform nor special lighting

SET UP: 45-60 min; strike 25-35 min

We chose the show Arzabastayan to celebrate our 30th-anniversary party, and we got it right: the kids had a great time; their laughter infected the adults. Everyone was happy, and Leo was lovely.

Lola E., Biblioteca Ventura Gassol (Calafell)

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