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The concept of “children’s entertainment” is very broad and covers quite different things. My specialty is performing shows to liven up children’s parties and events.

Therefore, on this website you will not find games and activities to entertain kids such as children’s pastimes, foam parties, bouncy castles, water games, giant bubbles, kermesse games, etc.

Children’s entertainment for birthday parties

Liven up a children’s birthday party is a difficult art. Unlike other entertainment companies, personally I don’t think it’s about making noise, but rather about achieving two goals:

  1. generate happiness among the attending children, especially the one who celebrates his or her birthday;
  2. act as a backbone of the party.

Children’s birthday parties are one of my most successful entertainment services for family events, since the art of the clown allows me to combine disciplines so different as magic, puppets, balloon figures, juggling, music, mime and theater.

A children’s entertainment show can be performed at home, in a park or in a party room. Shows for parties include everything needed (sound system, props, etc.). You just need to enable a small space to carry out the performance.

If you are looking for a clown show for birthday parties at home, a good option is the Magic Family Show, lasting 45 minutes.

Magic Family Show

Catalan · Entertainment · 3 to 10 years

The perfect show for children’s birthday parties. It includes magic, puppets, balloon figures, live concertina music and a ton of participation. Quality children’s entertainment with a special number for the kid celebrating his or her birthday.

Representació artística d'una festa d'aniversari

Children’s entertainment for communions

Entertainment for communions is different from that of birthdays, basically due to three reasons:

  1. it is a formal family event;
  2. the children have just finished eating (since the show is usually performed after the meal);
  3. the age of the children attending the event is often quite heterogeneous.

For all this, a children’s entertainment show for a communion should make you laugh, surprise and entertain, but it should be a little more contained than a birthday show and should be aimed at a wider age group.

One element that works great to attract the interest of both young and old is magic, as everyone loves it. Direct participation also works great for maintaining attention, especially for older children.

A key point is that family entertainment should have moments that make the child celebrating the communion feel special.

A very suitable entertainment for a communion is the Circus Family Show, which lasts 45 minutes.

Circus Family Show

Catalan · Entertainment · 6 to 12 years

One of the best children’s shows to liven up kid’s parties and formal family events (weddings, baptisms and communions). A show plenty of magic, circus and clowning, featuring a special puppet and a big final surprise.

L'espectacle familiar de circ a una comunió

Children’s entertainment for weddings and baptisms

Entertainment for weddings and baptisms is quite similar to that for communions, with one difference: there is no child protagonist.

Technically speaking, in christenings there is a child protagonist, but so young that makes him or her unable to participate directly in the show.

In baptisms, if parents agree, older brothers can enjoy the leading role during the show instead of the baby.

Magic clown shows are excellent for weddings and christenings as they include humor, magic, music and puppetry. Children really enjoy when they can participate directly in the show and interact with the clown.

Magic Family Show and Circus Family Show are both very suitable for weddings and baptisms.

Children’s entertainment for toddlers

Children under the age of three have three characteristics to take into account:

  1. they do not interact in the same way as older children, so shows based on audience participation are not usually the best option;
  2. their ability to maintain attention on a continuous basis is lower, and therefore they do not usually hold up well to shows longer than 30-35 minutes;
  3. it is difficult for them to follow storylines, which discards many of children’s and puppet plays.

Unfortunately, there are children’s entertainment groups that do not take these particularities into account, and offer activities that are not suitable for this age group, which often lead to a disappointment on the customer side.

In short, entertainment shows for youngest children should be basically sensory and short-lived. Children from one to three years enjoy music, visual effects, simple stories and puppets (especially animals). That’s why I always include these elements in my plays for children aged zero to three.

Similarly, when it comes to toddlers, it is preferable to limit the interaction with the public to very specific indirect participation.

Animalets, Trenet Xumet and Petitruskus are three children’s entertainment shows suitable for children aged one to three.


Catalan · Educational · 0 to 3 years

A very visual play for babies and children from one to three years old. Four naughty animals live with a clown, and they all together discover how fun it is to stay on a magic farm.

Espectacle infantil sobre els animalets de la granja

Children’s entertainment in hotels

During the summer in Catalonia, there is a high demand for children’s entertainment in hotels and tourist establishments, mainly in Alt Maresme and Costa Brava areas.

Tourist entertainment has a peculiarity: as the audience includes people from all over the world, it is essential that the shows be intelligible in several languages.

For that reason, I try to make gestures more important than words, so that language doesn’t become a problem. All hotel entertainment shows last 45 minutes and, when required, include a 250 W sound system.

One of the most suitable children’s entertainment shows for hotels is Arzabastayan, which combines magic with clowning in a highly visual way.


Catalan · Entertainment · 4 to 11 years

Theater, clown and magic are combined in this show in which a clown puts on a top hat, grabs a magic wand and repeats abracadabra a thousand times. Anything goes when it comes to become the craziest of magicians.

Escena de l'espectacle It's Magic! de Ruskus Patruskus

Children’s entertainment in shopping centers

Some malls regularly schedule children’s magic shows as well as puppetry, theater and entertainment performances in general, so that customers have an extra incentive to come in with their kids.

In Catalonia, shopping centers with children’s entertainment are usually located in the biggest cities, such as Barcelona, ​​Girona, Tarragona, Lleida, Granollers, Viladecans and Mataró. Shows are often held on a platform inside the mall, typically in a high-visibility area.

Shopping center entertainment should be eye-catching to attract the attention of walking customers. It’s also important that performances may be understood and enjoyed even if they haven’t been seen from the very beginning, as much of the audience will join in once the show begins.

A good children’s play for a mall is Cirkruskus, which is about around magic, circus and clown. Shows in malls last 45 minutes.


Catalan · Entertainment · 4 to 11 years

Ruskus presents an upbeat and spirited show, inspired by the skills and charisma of the old circus clowns. A fair of wonders with magic, circus and good humor, in which all-time circus characters will delight young and old.

Animación infantil en el Centro Comercial Vilamarina de Viladecans

Itinerant show

My itinerant show has a lot in common with street performance, since it’s all about mingling with people and entertaining them with balloon figures, juggling, clown gags and magic tricks.

Sometimes, this is a far better option than a stage show. It is the case, for example, of fairs, congresses, markets and exhibitions.

Itinerant entertainment is characterized by improvisation, and unlike other shows, it has no script or predetermined duration. That’s why an itinerant performance is 100% adaptable to real-world situations, and can be easily molded into all kinds of long-running children’s events.

My traveling entertainment show is called Itineràntic and can be booked for any length of time.


Catalan · Entertainment · 3 to 12 years

Traveling children’s entertainment show tailored to each event. From two hours onwards, Ruskus can liven up markets, conventions, trade fairs, children’s attractions, theme parks, shopping malls and more. It includes close-up magic, puppets, balloon twisting, clown gags and lots of improvisation.

Animació infantil itinerant amb l'espectacle Itineràntic

Children’s shows for schools

There are two kinds of children’s shows for schools:

  1. educational performances in which theater, dance and performing arts in general are used to convey or reinforce teaching;
  2. entertainment shows for school parties, such as Carnival, castanyada or the last-day-of-school party.

Among the educational shows, theater in English is the sector that is most in demand. There are also educational shows to reinforce specific areas, such as Bibliòfilus (language) and Missió Setciències (science).

On the other hand, children’s entertainment shows usually work better when they are aimed at a specific age group (for instance, just for 1st and 2nd-grade students) instead of combining courses of very different ages (for example, a performance for all 1st to 6th-grade students).

When choosing the most appropriate entertainment show, in addition to the age of the students, one must also consider what kind of children’s party is held at school. For example, if celebrating castanyada with kindergarten children, Trenet Xumet is a good option, as it is a cheerful and visual play with a straightforward plot.

Trenet Xumet

Catalan · Educational · 0 to 3 years

A clown travels in a small locomotive that transforms into various objects with which he performs magic, puppets and music. During the play, some basic habits are reinforced, such as not hitting other children, sharing and picking up toys after playing.

Animació infantil amb el Trenet Xumet

At Carnival, Arzabastayan is the best option since it is a colorful and cheerful show that fits like a silk with colorful costumes and happiness. When it comes to St. George’s day, the best show is Bibliòfilus, as it is on books and reading. On the other hand, Cirkruskus is a great choice for last-day-of-school parties, as it is a dynamic and participatory show that fits with summer and St. John’s day.

Children’s entertainment show for school parties include a 250 W sound system.

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Programming children’s entertainment in Girona

If you are involved in organizing children’s events for a city council in the Girona area, you’ll be glad to know that most of the shows mentioned on this page are included in the Catàleg Escènics from Diputació de Girona.

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