Children’s Shows

18 children’s works for all kinds of events

Ruskus Patruskus juggling drawing

Ruskus Patruskus children’s shows are organized in six areas:


Shows in English for schools


Theater for babies


Magic for boys and girls


Storytelling and puppetry


Road safety for children


Children’s shows online

18 children’s shows to choose from

Ruskus has 18 children’s shows that you can consult arranged in alphabetical order. Under the name of each show, the language (Catalan or English), the genre (educational or entertainment) and the recommended age range are specified.


Catalan · Educational · 0 to 3 years

A highly visual play for babies and children ages one and two. Four very mischievous animals live with a clown, and together they discover how much fun it is to live on a magical farm.

Espectáculo infantil sobre los animales de la granja


Catalan · Entertainment · 4 to 11 years

Theater, clown and magic are combined in this show in which a clown puts on his top hat, squeezes the magic wand tightly and repeats “abracadabra” a thousand times. Anything goes to become the wildest of magicians.

Ruskus tocando la concertina durante el espectáculo Arzabastayan


Catalan · Educational · 4 to 11 years old

A children’s show dedicated to reading. The puppet Papo Pilip and the clown Ruskus Patruskus will live a very exciting adventure with witches, monsters and a magic rose. Ruskus wants to get Rusketa’s love, but first he will have to overcome a difficult test.

Una función de teatro para niños sobre la lectura con Ruskus y el títere Papo Pilipo

Circus Family Show

Catalan · Entertainment · 4 to 11 years

One of the best children’s shows to entertain children’s parties and formal family banquets (weddings, baptisms and communions). A participatory show full of magic, circus and clown, with a very special puppet and a great final surprise.

El espectáculo Familiar de circ en una comunión


Catalan · Entertainment · 4 to 11 years

Ruskus presents an upbeat and dynamic show, inspired by the skills and charisma of old circus clowns. A fair of wonders with magic, circus and good humor, in which circus characters of all times will make young and old enjoy.

Escena de clown con Ruskus llamando por teléfono


English · Educational · 4 to 11 years

This adventure takes place in some of the most iconic places in the British capital, such as the Tower of London, Regent ‘s Park Zoo and the London Eye. Children will portray such symbolic characters as the Beefeaters, King Arthur and even the Queen of England.

Escena de Clowning, uno de los espectáculos infantiles de Ruskus Patruskus


Catalan · Entertainment · 4 to 11 years

Itinerant children’s entertainment tailor-made for each event. From two hours, Ruskus can entertain markets, congresses, fairs, children’s attractions, theme parks, shopping centers and much more. It includes close-up magic, puppetry, balloon twisting, clown gags, and lots of improvisation.

Animación infantil itinerante con el espectáculo Itineràntic

It’s Magic!

English · Educational · 4 to 7 years

A clown finds a suitcase full of mysterious objects and discovers that it belongs to a magician. With the help of Coquito, a friendly raccoon, Ruskus will try to do magic, but alas, the tricks will not turn out exactly as he expected …

Magia y clown para aprender inglés en la escuela con la obra de teatro "It 's Magic!"

It’s not Rocket Science

English · Educational · 8 to 11 years

The children and Ruskus take off in the direction of the planet Green in search of some mysterious aliens. During the journey they will learn many things about stars, planets and galaxies, and they will discover that aliens have amazing abilities.

Ruskus hace malabares con bolas luminosas en uno de sus espectáculos infantiles en inglés

Let’s Go to the Farm

English · Educational · 4 to 7 years

The story of a cow, a duck, a lamb and a rabbit as cute as they are mischievous: the rabbit enjoys stealing the farmer’s carrots, the cow disappears and becomes a drawing, the duckling looks for food in the middle of the public, the lamb recites a poem in English and many more surprises.

Escena de la obra Let s Go to the Farm en que Ruskus Patruskus enseña la silueta de una vaca sobre un fondo negro

Magic Family Show

Catalan · Entertainment · 4 to 11 years

The ideal show for children’s birthday parties. It includes magic, puppets, balloon figures, live concertina music and lots of children’s participation. Quality children’s entertainment with a special number for the boy or girl who celebrates her birthday.

Ruskus tocando la concertina y haciendo magia para niños y niñas en una fiesta infantil de cumpleaños

Missió Setciències

Catalan · Educational · 4 to 11 years old

Ruskus plays the role of a very clumsy spy with a secret mission that will take him to outer space. A play about science and the scientific method that delves into some of the great mysteries of the universe.

El payaso Ruskus Patruskus muestra las fotografías de varios planetas durante el espectáculo Misión Setciències


Catalan · Educational · 0 to 3 years

A delicious introduction to theater and the performing arts for the little ones. A suitcase full of surprises will be the means to embark on a wonderful journey where puppets, magic, music and a lot of joy will not be lacking.

Teatro para bebés en una guardería

Ruskus’ Little Train

English · Educational · 4 to 7 years

A play in English for the infant and toddler cycles. Ruskus lives many adventures in the company of a cute little train and a fairy who works magic with colored scarves. As if that were not enough, a very naughty musical puppet plays the xylophone and says goodbye with soap bubbles.

Espectáculo en inglés "Ruskus 'Little Train" para los ciclos infantil e inicial

The Great Circusman

English · Educational · 8 to 11 years

A traveling artist performs in a London square and takes a complete circus out of his suitcase. Thus, Ruskus becomes the strongman, the magician, the clown and the tightrope walker. Anything goes as long as you spread good humor and optimism to the passersby around you.

Ruskus volante con una capa de la bandera británica en una escena de la obra de teatro The Great Circusman

The Headless Monster

English · Educational · 8 to 11 years

One dark and stormy night, Crazy Doc struggles to finish his great work: the Monster. However, while Crazy Doc sleeps, a witch hides the Monster’s head from him. A terrifyingly fun show to encourage children to read in English.

Una escena de la obra The Headless Monster


Catalan · Educational · 4 to 11 years old

A work on some basic aspects of road safety, recycling and civics. Professor Patruskus has to give a talk on safety and prevention, but he is left blank and is forced to improvise. To better explain himself, the teacher will use magic, balloons, theater and the help of his friend, the ineffable puppet Pipo Corocó.

Ruskus hace una figura de globo durante una obra de teatro para niños y niñas sobre la prevención

Trenet Xumet

Catalan · Educational · 0 to 3 years

A clown travels in a small locomotive that transforms himself into various objects with which he makes magic, puppets and music. During the play some of the basic habits that are worked on in the nursery are reinforced, such as not hitting the other children, sharing and collecting after playing.

Ruskus Patruskus saluda subido al Trenet Xumet

Children’s shows for schools

There are two types of children’s shows for schools: educational and animation.

The educational shows reinforce the content of the subject that is worked on in the classroom. Two of the most in-demand educational topics are shows in English and plays for nursery schools.

On the other hand, the children’s entertainment shows are suitable to celebrate special dates at school, such as carnival, La Castañada, Sant Jordi, Christmas and the end of year party. These are plays and shows that seek to generate joy and animate the party.

When choosing a school show, the most important thing is to make sure that the age range of the play is appropriate for the students, and also that the theme of the play fits well with that of the party.

Recommended children’s shows for each cycle

These are the most suitable works for each cycle. However, some of these children’s shows can also be adapted for different cycles:

Theater plays for children

The word “theater” is often associated with the place where shows are held, that is, a theater with a stage, curtain, sets, etc. However, plays for boys and girls are not done only in theaters, but in many more spaces such as schools, public squares, libraries and civic centers, among others.

Indeed, you don’t need a “theater” to do theater. In fact, there are only two essential things to do theater: an actor and a spectator.

However, in the case of plays for children, there are certain characteristics that should be analyzed.

Characteristics of children’s plays

Here are some of the highlights of children’s theater based on an original idea by David Ginn. (Possibly other animation groups will emphasize other aspects that may be equally valid.)

  1. Animals. Children love animals, whether in the form of puppets or as part of the story. Animals. Children love animals, whether in the form of puppets or as part of the story. Therefore, children’s shows that are related in some way to animals have many points in their favor.
  2. Colors. As a general rule, it is convenient that the theatrical works for children are happy and animated, and for that reason it is very convenient that very bright colors are used. This does not mean that the colors have to be necessarily striking, but it is recommended that they be lively and harmonious.
  3. Music. Children are often fascinated by music, not only the melody but also the rhythm. For this reason, it is good that music has a prominent role in any children’s show.
  4. Participation. I always make sure that some of the characters in my children’s shows are played by volunteers from the audience. This is enjoyed by both those who participate directly and those who see it as spectators. It is also very important to encourage indirect audience participation (clapping hands, answering questions, etc.).
  5. Iconic characters. Children quickly recognize iconic characters: the witch, the pirate, the bad guy, the clown, the fairy, etc. An iconic character helps them position themselves and gives them a sense of something familiar, of security.
  6. Mystery. Children love wonderful and inexplicable things. They are predisposed to believe and be surprised. For this reason, magic is usually one of the things that most triumphs with children.
  7. Plot. Simplicity is essential when it comes to boys and girls. It is very important that the plot is easily intelligible. Complicated and difficult to follow stories often bore them.
  8. Humor. Little ones laugh much more easily than adults. Also, they like to laugh. Humor helps keep children interested in all kinds of children’s shows.
  9. Exaggeration. If a clown screams, pretending that he has hurt himself, the children laugh; But if he yells too loud and exaggerated, they laugh even more. In general, the more exaggerated, the better. This is not to say that exaggeration cannot coexist with subtlety and intelligent humor in children’s shows. On the contrary, adults will appreciate it and this is very good, since the idea is that everyone has a good time, both young and old.

Examples of these characteristics can be seen in the following three plays. Specifically, animal puppets in Animalets, magic and mystery effects in Familiar de màgia, and a lot of children’s participation in The Great Circusman.


Magic Family Show

(Magic and mystery effects)


The Great Circusman

(Children’s participation)



(Animal puppets)

WHERE TO FIND GOOD CHILDREN’S SHOWS? You can find a large number of high-quality plays for children and young people at Escènics, from Diputació de Girona ─both from amateur and professional companies, all of them from the Girona region. Another reliable source is the list of shows from TTP (Associació Professional de Teatre per a Tots els Públics de Catalunya), where there are the plays of more than 60 professional theater and entertainment companies from Barcelona, Girona and all of Catalonia. As for educational workshops and shows for schools, Activitum has a fairly varied offer.

Children’s Entertainment

Children’s entertainment includes two large areas: on the one hand, recreational activities with attractions, bouncy castles, water and foam games, and traditional games.

Apart from that, artistic entertaining activities performed by magicians, clowns, puppeteers, musicians, etc. are often also referred to as children’s entertainment.

My children’s entertainment shows are suitable for all kinds of events, from larger parties and school parties to family events and birthday parties:

Street Performances

Street theater is usually lively, flashy, and spontaneous. The idea is to create a lively atmosphere often framed in a major event, such as a fair or the celebration of a feast day.

It is convenient that children’s street shows have a wide age range, since the audience can be from very young children to young people. It is also advisable that the performances be predominantly visual, since the listening conditions in the street are sometimes difficult.

The rhythm must be lively, and the argument very simple or directly non-existent. On the street there are countless distractions and people come and go all the time, and this makes it difficult to maintain continuous attention over a long period of time.

For all these reasons, children’s shows related to the circus tend to work very well on the street, as well as walk-arounds and parades.

Ruskus Patruskus during an itinerant children’s entertainment on the street.

When it comes to organizing a traveling street entertainment, the Itineràntic show is a good option: it is a spontaneous and fresh animation that easily adapts to all kinds of situations. As for children’s shows on an outdoor stage, Cirkruskus is an ideal work to perform on the street, since it has a lively rhythm, it is very visual and it tends to appeal to young and old alike.

Children’s Christmas Shows

A good Christmas show should convey the Christmas spirit of brotherhood, joy and hope.

Children’s Christmas shows are basically organized in two ways. On the one hand, public Christmas events, which consist of attractions and activities for the little ones that are complemented by magic shows, clowns, puppets, etc.

On the other hand, shops usually organize Christmas entertainment activities for children to attract more customers during the days before Three Kings Day. It is common for shopping centers to organize children’s Christmas shows during these days.

Every year during the Christmas season, I adapt some of my happiest children’s shows for the holiday season. The three shows that are most in demand during Christmas are Arzabastayan, Cirkruskus and Trenet Xumet.

Puppets and magic for babies and children of one, two and three years

Puppets are often associated with infants and very young children, but it should be noted that infants are not the best group to enjoy classic puppet theater. Despite its simplicity, the plot of puppet plays is often still too complex for children under one year.

An important part of my children’s shows are performed in nurseries throughout Catalonia with three works created especially for babies and children of one, two and three years: Trenet Xumet, Animalets and Petitruskus.

Puppet Theater for Babies

Puppets for children birth and one year should express themselves with gestures and sounds rather than words. They should stimulate the senses, be caressed by the children, and even do amazing things like playing an instrument, making soap bubbles, or even performing magic tricks.

One of the most successful puppets with babies is Conillet; Little ones love to reach out and stroke her soft white hair. They are also very fond of Nunci, a mischievous and silent glove puppet who plays a song on a xylophone.

The most popular puppets among children are glove puppets, as many of them have at home or in daycare, and they are quite familiar to them. In fact, glove puppets are one of the most present puppets in many children’s shows, not only in the puppet theater. They are the classic puppets, with which many of us started.

This is the first puppet that my partner and I made: senyor Banyetes. We made the head and hands with papier-mâché:

Titella de mà fet amb paper maixé
Senyor Banyetes, the first puppet we made, was inspired by a puppet show from 1931 that we found in the fantastic Millà bookstore, on Sant Pau street in Barcelona.

However, a puppet is nothing more than an inanimate object that the artist brings to life. It is not important if he is a glove, rod or marionette puppet, but creates the illusion that he has a life of his own.

For example, Aneguet (from the children’s show Animalets) is actually a toy with wheels, but it is manipulated in such a way that it seems as if it were the duck that guides the clown, and not the other way around. Aneguet wants to get closer to the little ones against Ruskus’ will, and this tug-of-war is very funny for the little ones:

Animalets performance during the Festival de titelles de Barcelona (Poble Espanyol).

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