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The Best Ending for a Children’s Show

Animación infantil para niños y niñas en un bautizo

Some time ago, I did a performance in a park in Puigcerdà. It was a splendid day, and the performance went very well. When the children were gone, the organizer approached and told me a detail she had liked very … Read More

Science, Kids and Clowning

setciencies2 - Ruskus Patruskus

Observation is the basis of science, and children are wonderful observers. They often look at things that we adults miss. I will give you an example. One autumn day a few years ago, my son Pau and I were walking … Read More

Magic Tricks at School

IMG 20140405 073855 - Ruskus Patruskus

I have found many times that magic tricks enchant children. In fact, magic is a perfect activity to entertain the little ones. However, it is perhaps not so obvious that magic is also an excellent teaching resource. That is why I … Read More